paying and being paid in cash hits you different

Rocky Linux seems to hit that nice sweet spot between move-fast-and-break-stuff Fedora and please-love-me style of the Ubuntu-based flavours. Pretty nice for work use, and not too far behind bleeding edge thanks to things like Flatpak.

WordPress is just software, and that’s OK. My thoughts on WordPress the software vs WordPress the community.

Someone should organize a tribute show honoring Weird Al where the original
artists perform his parody versions of their songs for him.
-SpookyGeek, Jul 2014
Every word is literally a made-up word.
-Marvelerful, Nov 2015

TIL: The Netherlands can be purposefully flooded as a defensive military strategy. To shallow for boats, to deep for trenches and foot traffic.

Some people's PIN numbers are 6173, and this post probably makes them want a
new one.
-Golf_and_Booze, Jul 2015

US states and Canadian provinces with a higher Human Development...

Technically the Fediverse is “web3” by definition, but it feels like we’re not part of the special club for some reason.

Maybe because we haven’t done a good enough job of embracing the other tech in the ecosystem like IPFS and cryptocurrency. I want to bridge that gap.

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