mind blown.

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0️⃣ days since i discovered you could disable "rate my app" notifications in iOS

Settings -> App Store -> In-App Ratings & Reviews

🐦🔗: twitter.com/hunterwalk/status/

"Will Will Smith smith?" and "Will Smith will smith." are complete proper
-skullbeats, Feb 2014

A number of ways that Facebook tracks you: bnolet.me/posts/2021/01/how-fa

If I missed anything, please let me know! :)

Metatext or mercury for iOS? Or other?

It's too late to make Suez Canal jokes. That ship has sailed

The day has arrived. I can finally present you all my new project.
Inspired by NewPipe, Nitter, Invidious or Bibliogram, here comes Lingva, an alternative Front-end for Google Translate.


It's a completely Free and Open Source project, so you can host your own instance. The directions are on the project's README.
You can also make any kind of contribution. Feel free to Pull Request.

Help me out: what's the best name for a weekly series of talks, demos, and/or round table discussions?

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