@majdal Although I also maintain the instance that I run on, so blocks/non-federation isn't really a concern for me.

@majdal I don't think so. I am able to cultivate my feed fairly easily with follows and blocks.

However, in the event that you instance doesn't federate (blocks) with a particular interest that you are interested in, it might be necessary to maintain multiples.

@majdal I've never given it much thought but I feel like it is akin to neighborhoods in a larger virtual community/world.

Some are homesteaders (single identity server), some are homes/businesses (interest groups perhaps - democracy.town, etc...), some are mixed use, high-density condos (pooling of homes/businesses - mastodon.social).

TIL: The Netherlands can be purposefully flooded as a defensive military strategy. To shallow for boats, to deep for trenches and foot traffic.


@nosleep I was unaware that it used xmpp. What is it about xmpp that makes it bad?

I'd always just assumed WhatsApp sucked because, facebook.

Some people's PIN numbers are 6173, and this post probably makes them want a
new one.
-Golf_and_Booze, Jul 2015

US states and Canadian provinces with a higher Human Development... dlvr.it/S3Nn8w

Technically the Fediverse is “web3” by definition, but it feels like we’re not part of the special club for some reason.

Maybe because we haven’t done a good enough job of embracing the other tech in the ecosystem like IPFS and cryptocurrency. I want to bridge that gap.

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@huy_ngo It can be, but probably for different reasons. I aggree with @wizzwizz4 that a lot of it depends on your skill set.

I will say, not having a Sales/Client Acquisition, HR or Finance/Payroll department at your disposal can add a significant amount of time-suck to your week and the volatility of cash flow can also be stressful at first.

mind blown.

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0️⃣ days since i discovered you could disable "rate my app" notifications in iOS

Settings -> App Store -> In-App Ratings & Reviews

🐦🔗: twitter.com/hunterwalk/status/

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